Decorating for Easter

Growing up I always loved how my mom would decorate for each holiday – in particular she would add decorations to a massive flowerpot on the front porch and put up a new wreath on the front door. So once I got my own house I knew I would want to start that tradition too! I now have a little collection of decor pieces I put up for some holidays (Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and Halloween). I slowly add things to my collection as I find them; a great time to get decor is directly after the holiday when things go on clearance.

Easter has to be one of my favourite holidays – candy and chocolate are one of my biggest food weaknesses and Easter also comes with the freshness and new possibilities of spring! This year I have two main Easter decor pieces; a centrepiece with adorable painted Easter eggs and ceramic bunnies and my front porch cast iron urns filled with moss and Easter egg covered branches. These two decor pieces combined with putting away some of my more cozy, winterlike pieces and adding some more springlike items make a big difference in the feeling of the house!

The centrepiece sits on my dining room table on top of my bohemian inspired table runner that my mom made out of leftover fabric from reupholstering my thrift store dining room chairs. My favourite thing about the runner (besides the gorgeous, youthful pattern) is that it is made out of outdoor fabric so I never worry about getting it dirty since it wipes clean so easily.

My Easter centrepiece on my dining room table

The bowl I use for my Easter centrepiece is actually a serving bowl that I use when entertaining a big crowd. But it’s beautiful curves, asymmetric shape, and large size make it perfect to use for centrepieces! I got the bowl at Loblaws in the Presidents Choice kitchen department two years ago; and I noticed last time I was there that they still sell them.

My dining room table and plate wall; the plate wall is one of my all time favourite decorating projects I have done so far!

The spheres made out of vines in the centrepiece came from Homesense; they were packaged with little orange pumpkins that I put out in the fall. I use the vine spheres quite a bit now – so far I have put the little pumpkins with them, vintage Christmas tree balls from my grandma (they always make me remember Christmas dinners at her apartment), red hearts (for Valentines), and now the Easter eggs. The spheres have looked great with everything I have put with them so far so I highly recommend having a neutral piece like them around for decor! I regularly see items like this at Homesense; I think mine came to $12 for the box.

Spheres made of vines – so much beautiful natural texture!

The painted Easter eggs for the centrepiece all came from Dollarama last year; I bought 3 packs of eggs at $2 a pack – what a deal! They came with ribbons on them, so I have the option of hanging them if I want. They have similar Easter eggs at Dollarama this year.


Finally, my two ceramic bunnies came from Homesense last year; I got them on clearance after Easter for $3 each!



The cast iron urns sit on my front porch, usually flanking my front door. I dress them up for each season and I love their classic look. The only drawback of them is that they are really heavy; when it is cold and I want to change them around it is a lot of heavy lifting to bring them inside the house!

One of the cast iron urns on my front porch filled with moss and Easter egg covered branches


The branches in the urns came from Ikea – they are wires covered in a pearlescent plastic coating that is extremely weather resistant and durable. They were not cheap; each branch was around $20 with tax and I used 4 of them (2 per urn). However; I use the branches from late fall until early spring with my urns so this saves me a lot over the long term instead of using live foliage with every season. I just shove them into the potting soil in the urns and despite some very strong winds they have never budged. For the winter I sometimes left the branches bare, and around Christmas I tied ornaments onto the branches (plastic ones that looked real so that I didn’t have to worry about them breaking). Next year I may put twinkle lights on the branches!

The little pastel Easter eggs came from a dollar store (not Dollarama, they only had the bigger plastic eggs when I was there). I bought two packs of 12 eggs each for only $3 total. These are the kinds of seasonal decorations I love because they have the three C’s: Cute, cheap, and cheerful!

After sticking the branches into the urns and tightly tying the Easter eggs to the branches I thought the urns looked a little bare. So I decided to add a lush, green bed of moss on top of the potting soil in the urns. I bought the moss at Walmart for $3 for a big bag. So far the only drawback of the moss was that small pieces have a tendency to be blown out of the urns during stormy weather. I have found the moss even in my backyard, but I don’t mind since it is natural and pretty (but I will see if my neighbours say anything; if they do I will do something different next year for sure).

Making my urns lush with bright green moss!
The view of my front door when walking up the porch steps; cute and cheerful!


My front porch is one of my favourite parts of my house; it has lovely bricks in a variety of colours and shapes, shiny black curled metal railings (when we bought the house they were a horrible rusty pink; repainting them was a long chore but so worth it) as well as a cute front door. When we first saw the house the front porch was the feature that made Eric fall head over heels for the house.

The forsythia wreath on the front door I bought at Homesense a few years ago and they have similar ones every year in the spring. I use it from early spring until fall so it really gets a lot of use! It also really pops against the front door. Speaking of the front door, it is currently painted with a matte grey paint that scratches easily and needs a touch up badly. This spring/summer I will be repainting it to make a bold statement so stay tuned for a post on that.

My front door and cheerful forsythia wreath – it says come on in!

That’s it from me for now; enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed this decorating post as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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